World’s Top Hiking Trips: ‘Alps Tour Du Mont Blanc’ France/Italy/Switzerland

Mont Blanc. Europe’s highest and most iconic peak. Spectacular. Immense. Dazzling. And undisputedly on every serious hiker’s must-do list. Hiking for 10-days through the heart of the Alps won’t just get your pulse rate up, it will open your eyes to some of the most breathtaking vistas on Earth.

  • Trek the classic 10-day circuit Tour du Mont Blanc massif – a must for every serious hiker
  • Encounter nature at its most spectacular as you pass glaciers, forests, meadows, and endless peaks
  • Taste the flavors and experience the cultures of France, Italy, and Switzerland

Wander past giant glaciers and secret mountain lakes, ancient trails and grassy meadows. Experience three countries, cultures, and cuisines. Stay in hamlets that belong in a fairy tale. And discover why Forbes called our Tour du Mont Blanc “the world’s most luxurious hiking trip.”


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