Timelapse Travel Videos: ‘Fær Øer 4K’ In The Faroe Islands Of Denmark (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Marco Equitani

This is my last work entirely shot in Faroe Islands and that means that travel around the world during Covid-emergency is possible if you respect some simple rules.

Do not be afraid to travel, do not close yourself at home with the fear of other people, if you respect yourself and other people with simple rules, you can explore the world in safety, we have to fight for our freedom!
I arrived in Vagar Airport on September 18th and after customs routine we all were immediately tested for Covid-19 and they invited us to self quarantine for at least 24 hours or until we get the result; luckily all the passengers were negative and I got the result after 8 hours, so I was free, even if I have to be tested again in six days.

After the negative test I was free to travel around those amazing islands and start making pictures and timealapse sequence.

To be honest, make a timelapse in Faroe Islands is not easy at all, weather changes every five minute and sometimes I had to restart to capture a scene several times; take a single picture is much easier, you just wait for the rain to stop and you can take your picture, but when you have to take 400/500 photos avery two seconds, weather can suddenly change and destroy your job.

By the way I succed, I was patient and I tried to chose the best moment to capture the best situation nature gave me, but due to extreme weather changes I decided to shot even when light was not perfect because maybe that could be my olny chance.

Faroe Islands are amazing but you have to fight with weather much more than other places like Iceland or Norway.

I was also very lucky with Aurora Borealis, infact isn’t common to see northern light from Faroe Islands, they are they are low in latitude with respect to the Arctic Circle, sky is always cloudy for 300 days per year and to see a good Aurora show you need at least a 4kp Aurora…and it was like that, it, nature gave me a 4kp Aurora and a cloud coverage between 70%-80% so I could see Aurora very good, even if I can’t compare with some clear skyes of Norway or Iceland.

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