Timelapse Travel Videos: ‘Chasing The Storm II’ In The Central United States

Filmed and Edited by: Matt Hollamon

Finally is all I can say! This is unfortunately about 8 month later than I was hoping for, but given what has transpired since the start of the year and the fact I work in health care, I’m okay with it. While ideally I would prefer to have 2019 tied up before beginning to add 2020 content, I have say I am very pleased with how this turned out.

What can I say about 2019? Well, it was an incredible year! I had about 30 total chase days, and the film has sequences from April through September, and from 8 different states. The lightning and structure we fantastic and I was fortunate enough to witness 20 different tornadoes for the year, with a couple getting in the movie.

I found myself getting a bit more comfortable on some solo chases, however I still prefer to have a partner, because I don’t navigate great on the fly. I am hoping for one or two more chase days this year yet before getting to work on the 2020 film, but this whole process has been motivating and really given me that creative push that I needed after a global pandemic! 


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