Travel & Adventure Film: ‘Ghost Of The Towers’ On Pumas In Southern Chile

Directed by: Michael Blake
Director of Photography, Editor & Film Color by: Peter Trow

Last year I had the opportunity to work as the Director of Photography and Film Editor on an inspiring adventure film shot in the Torres Del Paine region of Southern Chile. The film follows world renowned National Geographic Photographer Keith Ladzinski, along with a team of expert Biologists and Trackers as they seek to document and photograph the regions legendary and elusive Puma.

This was no easy task. However, with much thanks to Director Michael Blake and an incredibly talented group of dedicated Cinematographers, such as the talented and creative Max Frank, Wildlife Master DP Federico Pardo and Aerial DP Doug Holgate (who kept things fun during the intense and sleepless schedule) , Along with expert Audio Engineer Ryan Rees, Co-Producers Ian Glass and Eduardo Minte Hess… We got it done!

I have so much gratitude for my family Erin Trow and Reina Kai Williams for their continual support and remarkable patience during the many long days (months) and late nights spent editing and in postproduction. Very special thanks to HOKA Footwear for sponsoring this incredible adventure and creative project.

Wildlife DP: Federico Pardo
Camera Operator: Max Frank
Aerial DP: Doug Holgate
Audio Engineer: Ryan Rees

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