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Morning News Podcast: Gun Control, Covid-19 Restrictions In Europe

A.M. Edition for March 24. WSJ’s Ruth Bender discusses the challenges from increased Covid-19 restrictions around Europe. 

President Biden calls for stronger gun control after Monday’s deadly shooting in Boulder, Colo. GameStop releases earnings. Marc Stewart hosts. Learn more about your ad choices. 

Stock Market: ‘GameStop & Payment For Order Flow’

Following the GameStop trading frenzy, the SEC is expected to take a fresh look at payment for order flow, a decades-old practice that’s at the heart of how commission-free trading works. WSJ explains what it is, and why critics say it’s bad for investors. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ

Morning News Podcast: Opioid Payment, GameStop Profits, Employment Data

A.M. Edition for Feb. 4. A hedge fund made nearly $700 million in the GameStop rally. Consulting giant McKinsey reaches a settlement centering on opioid painkillers.

Plus, WSJ economics reporter Kate Davidson previews coming jobs data. Marc Stewart hosts.