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Morning News Podcast: Minimum Wage Debate, Capitol Riot & Home Depot

We’re in the longest period of time since the minimum wage has been created that it hasn’t been adjusted. You’ve probably heard the progressive and Congressional Democrats argument for a $15 an hour federal minimum wage.

Now, some Republicans are responding with a proposal to raise it to $10 an hour by 2025. Plus, what we’re just learning about security around the Jan. 6 insurrection. And, how Home Depot is a proxy for the housing markets.

Morning News Podcast: Deadly Winter Storms, Capitol Riot Commission

Deadly winter storm stretches across 25 states, Nancy Pelosi outlines steps to create 9/11-style commission to investigate Capitol riot, and Tennessee man leaves $5 million to dog in his will.

Morning News Podcast: Impeachment Trial Videos, President Biden & China

House impeachment managers showed chilling new footage to senators during Day 2 of Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Also, President Biden spoke with China’s president in an opening conversation about the vast economic, climate, and security challenges between the two nations. And, the U.S. will impose sanctions and other consequences on Myanmar’s military leaders in response to the coup carried out there earlier this month.