Swiss Views: Hiking Into The Aareschlucht Gorge

The Flying Dutchman (April 30, 2023) -The Aareschlucht (Aare River Gorge, Aare Gorge) is the only way into the upper Aare valley, called Haslital. It is the original connection between the two villages Innertkirchen and Meiringen. Today there is a road across the Kirchet, the mountain ridge around the gorge, which blocks the valley. It is also called Querriegel (crossbeam), which is not a name but an old term which expresses that it runs across the valley and block it.

The Aare river is fed by rainwater and melting water from the Alps, and here it already has a decent size. The river is about 30 m wide and quite fast flowing. But the gorge is much narrower, typically about 10 m wide, and as a result the water flows faster and is quite deep. And if there is heavy rainfall in the catchment area or in spring during snowmelt the river has much more water and the level inside the gorge rises substantially.


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