Front Page: The New York Times – Monday, May 1, 2023


They Refused to Fight for Russia. The Law Did Not Treat Them Kindly.

A pro-war sign in Russia. Despite widespread efforts to draft and retain soldiers, there has been a reported increase in AWOL cases.

Since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of Russian men have faced criminal charges for becoming war refuseniks. That has not stopped others from going to unusual lengths to avoid battle.

Iranian Insider and British Spy: How a Double Life Ended on the Gallows

Alireza Akbari during an interview in Tehran. Iran announced in January that Mr. Akbari had been executed on charges of espionage for Britain.

In January, Iran executed a former senior official who provided Britain with valuable intelligence on Iranian nuclear and military programs over a decade, according to Western intelligence officials.

Airman in Leaks Case Worked on a Global Network Essential to Drone Missions

Airman Jack Teixeira’s unit is part of a vast system that carries video and data from spy satellites and drone missions worldwide.

In San Francisco, a Troubled Year at a Whole Foods Market Reflects a City’s Woes

Tech workers have stayed home, and ongoing social problems downtown are forcing civic and business leaders to confront harsh realities about the city’s pandemic recovery.


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