Research Preview: Science Magazine – April 21, 2023

Science | AAAS

Science Magazine – April 21, 2023 issue:

“It’s just mind boggling.” More than 19,000 undersea volcanoes discovered

Sonar mapping image of underwater seamounts including 4776-meter-tall Pao Pao Seamount
The 4776-meter-tall Pao Pao Seamount (right) in the South Pacific Ocean has been mapped by sonar. Many others haven’t.

New seamount maps could aid in studies of ecology, plate tectonics, and ocean mixing

Sleeping deep

Although northern elephant seals do sleep on land, like the one pictured here in California, they can also sleep while diving to 300 meters underwater.PHOTO: RACHEL HOLSER, NMFS 23188

Sleep is essential, but not all mammals live in environments where long periods of time asleep are possible. Marine mammals encounter especially challenging conditions for sleep when they are at sea. 


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