Travel: A Walking Tour Of Downtown Cairo, Egypt

Uploaded April 12, 2023: A walking tour starting at Talaat Harb Square in Abdeen, and exploring the historic neighborhoods and architecture of downtown Cairo before strolling through the bustling markets under Al Azhr Bridge.

Video timeline: 0:00 Intro 4:20 Al Sharifain Passage 7:07 Qasr Al Nil Street Abdeen 11:24 Mustafa Kamil Pasha 13:20 Ex-Davis Bryan Building 15:37 Adly Building 19:34 Opera Square 22:13 Al-Kakhia Mosque 23:23 Suuq el Ataba Electronics Market 32:34 Suuq el Ataba Furniture Market 37:35 Abd El-Aziz Street 40:25 Attaba Square 44:24 Al Azhar Market Under Bridge 48:30 El-Gaish Open Air Market

Filmed and edited by: 4K World Wanderings


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