Previews: Architectural Digest – May 2023 Issue


Architectural Digest Magazine (May 2023) – “We were inspired by Venice—the architecture, the history, the monumentality,” says AD100 designer Vincenzo De Cotiis over Zoom, swinging open the shutters of the Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, a Baroque-style palace in the city where he has recently taken up residence on the piano nobile. It’s a misty afternoon in February and a few small boats are traveling along the waterway that has facilitated trade, transit, and cultural exchange for centuries. “When you’re here, you understand what happened in the 15th century,” continues the designer’s wife, Claudia Rose De Cotiis. “How Venice became a world market.”

This palazzo watched it all unfold. Likely constructed around the 15th century by the Miani family, it was bought by the Lolins in the early 17th century. Following plans by the Venetian architect Baldassare Longhena, it was rebuilt around 1630, then willed to one of their relatives, Giovanni Giustinian. The design featured a striking, rather classical façade defined by three bands of pilasters (festooned curtains above the Corinthian columns lend a dash of baroque flair), but Longhena left some traces of the medieval structure intact, like narrow peaked windows and the original floor plan.


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