Front Page: The New York Times – March 28, 2023


Netanyahu Delays Bid to Overhaul Israel’s Judiciary as Protests Rage

Watching Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech from a store in Tel Aviv on Monday.

The Israeli prime minister called for dialogue as civil unrest and work stoppages reached a crisis point, grinding the country to a halt.

Heavily Armed Assailant Kills Six at Christian School

The shooter was also killed after police officers responded on Monday morning at the Covenant School, the authorities said.

Netanyahu Attempts Another Juggling Act, Maybe His Toughest Yet

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed his plans for a judicial overhaul on Monday.

Israel’s prime minister, who has long thrived by pitting one force against another, is caught between his far-right coalition and public anger over the government’s plan to weaken the judiciary.

Can a Machine Know That We Know What It Knows?

Some researchers claim that chatbots have developed theory of mind. But is that just our own theory of mind gone wild?


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