Front Page: The New York Times – March 19, 2023


20 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraq Is a Freer Place, but Not a Hopeful One

Kamil Jassim Mohammed, the custodian of the martyrs’ cemetery in Falluja, Iraq. It is hard to find anyone in Iraq who has not lost someone.

Conversations with dozens of Iraqis offer a portrait of a nation that is rich in oil, hobbled by corruption and unable to guarantee its citizens’ safety.

A Sandwich Shop, a Tent City and an American Crisis

Old Station Subs in downtown Phoenix, surrounded by its wrought-iron fence.

As homelessness overwhelms downtown Phoenix, a small business wonders how long it can hang on.

Sandy Hook Families Are Fighting Alex Jones and the Bankruptcy System Itself

As the families seek more than $1.4 billion awarded by courts for Mr. Jones’s lies, a New York Times review shows he is transferring millions of dollars to family and friends, potentially out of reach of creditors.

A Four-Decade Secret: One Man’s Story of Sabotaging Carter’s Re-election

A prominent Texas politician said he unwittingly took part in a 1980 tour of the Middle East with a clandestine agenda.

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