Front Page: The New York Times – March 7, 2023


Republican Votes Helped Washington Pile Up Debt

While Speaker Kevin McCarthy voted against large spending bills in recent years, he also voted for trillions of dollars in pandemic aid and backed President Donald J. Trump’s tax cuts.

As they escalate a debt-limit standoff, House Republicans blame President Biden’s spending bills for an increase in deficits. Voting records show otherwise.

Protests Over Netanyahu’s Judiciary Overhaul Spread to Israel’s Military

The military leadership is concerned that anger over the government’s plan, with some pilots saying they will skip some training sessions and operations, could diminish military capabilities.

U.S. Considers Vaccinating Chickens as Bird Flu Kills Millions of Them

The largest outbreak of avian influenza in U.S. history has driven up egg prices and raised concerns about a human pandemic, though C.D.C. experts say the risk of that is low.

How Nature Comes Alive in the Winter

If you look closely, there’s so much to see.

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