Front Page: The New York Times – January 31, 2023


Blinken Meets Netanyahu at Turbulent Moment for Israel

The secretary of state and the Israeli leader had a ‘candid’ conversation amid deepening rifts over the Palestinians, Ukraine and a rightward shift by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Initial Police Report on Tyre Nichols Arrest Is Contradicted by Videos

The police report was the latest instance in which video evidence offered a starkly different account of police violence than what officers had reported themselves.

Wall St. Is Counting on a Debt Limit Trick That Could Entail Trouble

If the debt limit is breached, investors expect Treasury to put bond payments first. It’d be politically and practically fraught.

For Giffords, Progress on Gun Safety Is Like Her Recovery: ‘Inch by Inch’

A 2011 mass shooting left Gabrielle Giffords, then a Democratic congresswoman, partly paralyzed and unable to speak fluently. She has since built a powerful advocacy group.

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