Front Page: The New York Times – January 11, 2023


Soaked and Battered by Repeating Rainstorms, California Girds for More

Extreme weather has plagued many parts of the country this fall and winter. But few places have been as savaged by the changing climate these last weeks as California.

As Infrastructure Money Lands, the Job Dividends Begin

Trillions of dollars in government spending will profoundly affect the labor market, but in ways hard to measure, and mostly under the surface.

Divided House Approves G.O.P. Inquiry Into ‘Weaponization’ of Government

Republicans pushed through a measure to create a powerful new committee to scrutinize what they have charged is an effort by the government to target and silence conservatives.

An Ailing Arkansas City Elected an 18-Year-Old Mayor to Turn Things Around

Residents hope that Jaylen Smith’s youthful energy and sense of purpose can improve the fortunes of Earle, Ark. — or at least attract a supermarket to the small city.

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