Front Page: The New York Times – January 10, 2023


House Narrowly Approves Rules Amid Concerns About McCarthy’s Concessions

After initially balking at a package of changes to House rules that enshrine concessions the speaker made to ultraconservative members, Republicans united to push them through.

Without Hesitation, Ukraine Goes Toe to Toe With Russia in Bakhmut

Earlier in the war, Ukraine’s leadership was more equivocal about pitched battles with high casualties. There’s no second-guessing this time. Some analysts say it makes sense strategically.

6-Year-Old Brought Gun From Home in Newport News School Shooting, Police Say

The wounded teacher went to the school office and said “call 911” before collapsing, a witness said.

Buffalo’s Unrelenting Tragedy: ‘We Haven’t Really Got a Chance to Heal’

As western New York prepares to bury more than 40 victims of a catastrophic storm, Black residents are reeling from a year of grief.

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