Front Page: The New York Times – January 6, 2023


House Adjourns Without a Speaker as McCarthy Offers Concessions

The California Republican signaled he would give in to more demands from hard-right rebels in a frenzied effort to win enough support for the speakership but continued to lose ground on vote after vote.

‘Nobody Is in Charge’: A Ragged G.O.P. Stumbles Through the Wilderness

With no unified agenda or clear leadership, Republicans face the prospect that the anti-establishment fervor that has powered the party in recent years could now devour it.

Church Lays Benedict to Rest, if Not Its Divisions

An extraordinary period for the modern church ended with Francis presiding over the funeral of his retired predecessor. Some conservatives found the ceremony too modest for their standard-bearer.

‘We’re Going to Need Everybody’: Recordings Captured Response to N.F.L. Crisis

When Damar Hamlin’s heart stopped during a game on Monday night, medical personnel can be heard responding to the kind of emergency the league hoped it would never face.

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