Front Page: The New York Times – January 4, 2023


House G.O.P. Paralyzed on Day 1 as Right Wing Blocks McCarthy Speakership

On the first day of the new Congress, Representative Kevin McCarthy fell short repeatedly in his bid to become speaker as a right-wing rebellion prompted a historic floor fight.

Speaker Fight Reveals a Divided and Disoriented House Majority

In failing to coalesce around Kevin McCarthy for speaker, Republicans showcased divisions that portend real difficulties in governing.

N.F.L. Says Suspended Game Won’t Resume This Week as Hamlin Stays in Hospital

An uncle of Damar Hamlin, a Bills safety who went into cardiac arrest during Monday’s game, said Tuesday night that doctors were working to get his nephew breathing on his own without a ventilator.

On His Way to the N.F.L., Damar Hamlin Was Determined to Give Back

Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills safety who went into cardiac arrest during a game Monday night, asserted himself as a leader in high school — and kept going back to help others after he graduated.

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