Front Page: The New York Times – January 1, 2023


Strife in the Schools: Education Dept. Logs Record Number of Discrimination Complaints

Some of the highest-profile complaints show how America’s culture wars are affecting the nation’s children.

Benedict XVI, First Modern Pope to Resign, Dies at 95

He defined a conservative course for the Roman Catholic Church, but his papacy was noted for his struggle with the clergy sexual abuse scandal and for his unexpected resignation.

Their Mothers Were Teenagers. They Didn’t Want That for Themselves.

Teen pregnancies have plummeted, as has child poverty. The result is a profound change in the forces that bring opportunity between generations.

‘OK, Mexico, Save Me’: After China, This Is Where Globalization May Lead

As American companies seek to limit their exposure to the pitfalls of making goods in China, some are moving production to Mexico.

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