Books: The New York Times Book Review – Nov 20, 2022

New York Times Book Review – November 20, 2022:

A New Biography of George Balanchine, Ballet’s Colossus

“Mr. B,” by Jennifer Homans, explores the life of the Russian-born choreographer, as well as the beauty and pains of his art.

What Books Does Haruki Murakami Find Disappointing? His Own.

“The books I try not to pick up, and don’t want to read, are ones I wrote myself and published in the past,” says the Japanese writer, whose new book is “Novelist as a Vocation.” “Though it does make me want to do better with my next work.”

How We’ve Come to Genuflect to the ‘Free Market’

Jacob Soll’s ambitious history takes us from Cicero to Milton Friedman, but is hobbled by questionable assertions.

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