Aerial Views: Landmarks & Landscapes Of Portugal

Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture: salt cod and grilled sardines are national dishes, the Algarve’s beaches are a major destination and much of the nation’s architecture dates to the 1500s–1800s, when Portugal had a powerful maritime empire. 

▶️ Highlights – Portugal 2022 0:00 ▶️ Silves 16:19 ▶️ Lagos 34:16 ▶️ Cabo Sordao 47:41 ▶️ Alcacer do Sal 1:01:17 ▶️ Costa Vicentina 1:34:01 ▶️ Sines 2:15:47 ▶️ Palma 2:33:35 ▶️ Poceirao 2:48:07 ▶️ Pont de Portimao 3:07:43

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