Village Walks: Cetara On The Amalfi Coast, Italy (4K)

Cetara is a cozy fishermen’s village nested along the Amalfi Coast among verdant citrus groves. The road that leads along the coast from Vietri sul Mare continues the length of the shoreline, overlooked by rugged hills and rocky seashore, past the fascinating villages of Raito and Albori, before continuing on almost straight to reach the ancient charming basin of Cetara.

Cetara’s name is derived from the Latin, Cetaria (meaning tuna-fishing nets), indicating its importance through the ages as a fishing settlement. It was under the political rule of the Republic of Amalfi for centuries. In 1551, Turkish armies raided and enslaved the Cetaresi, killing all those who did not embark with them. After this tragic episode, the survivors built a magnificent watch tower (nowadays used as private residence, but still standing and overlooking the tiny beach), while the majority escaped to Naples.


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