Mid Century Modern: 1965 Linnell House, Los Angeles

The Linnell Residence by Charles Wong, 1965. Ladera Heights is home to some unique modernists homes in Los Angeles and this Charles Wong home is no exception. Charles Wong immigrated from China in the 1930’s and graduated from USC’s School of Architecture in 1951 and was one of a handful of Asian American Modernist Architects that contributed to the Modernists landscape of the 60’s.

The owners Adrian and Jason (One who works with the Los Angeles Conservancy)  lovingly  restored the home for 7 months once moved in after their long 5 month escrow. The story on how they discovered the full set of plans for the home is something to be heard alongside what their vision was for the home when they purchased it. The home couldn’t have fallen into better hands as Adrian and Jason are the best examples of who should end up in these homes, someone who is going to Preserve, Restore and maintain the rich history that we have here in Los Angeles and it’s Architecture.

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