Japan Views: Akō Castle & Story Of The 47 Samurai

There is a very well-known story called “Chushingura” in Japan. It is the story of 47 samurai who gave their lives to avenge the honor of their lord. It inspired over 4,000 ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Performed on stage over 7,000 times in various genres. More than 300 years later, the story continues to inspire novelists and filmmakers. Ako Castle is where the story began. The 47 samurai were the retainers of the Ako clan. The video starts off with this side story, then focuses on the characteristics, the structure of the castle, and the financial support achieved by innovative salt production.

Film Director: Tadahiro Konoe
Film Producer: Tadahiro Konoe
Production Company: curioswitch Inc.
Client: Ako City (Hyogo prefecture, Japan)

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