Walking Tours: ‘Chester’ – Northwest England (4K)

Chester is a city in northwest England, founded as a Roman fortress in the 1st century A.D. It’s known for its extensive Roman walls made of local red sandstone. In the old city, the Rows is a shopping district distinguished by 2-level covered arcades and Tudor-style half-timber buildings. A Roman amphitheatre, with ongoing excavations, lies just outside the old city’s walls. 

Video timeline: Timeline: 0:00​ Chester Cathedral 8:00​ Northgate Street 11:00​ City Walls 17:30​ Eastgate Clock 19:00​ City Center to Roman Amphitheatre 23:30​ Chester Roman Amphitheatre 27:30​ St John Street 29:00​ Eastgate Street / Watergate St 34:00​ West of the Old Town 38:00​ Back into the Old Town 41:00​ Pepper Street / Grosvenor Shopping Centre 44:00​ Eastgate Street 45:00​ Frodsham Street 47:30​ Along the Canal 48:30​ Walking Towards the Railway Station 50:00​ Brooke Street 55:00​ Chester Station

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