Walks: ‘Tiber Island’ In Rome, Italy (4K UHD Video)

The Tiber Island is the only island in the part of the Tiber which runs through Rome. Tiber Island is located in the southern bend of the Tiber. The island is boat-shaped, approximately 270 metres long and 67 metres wide, and has been connected with bridges to both sides of the river since antiquity.

Video timeline: 0:00​ – [Brief Intro] 1:40​ – [Tiber Island walk begins] 1:50​ – [Fabricius Bridge – Oldest bridge in Rome of 62 a.C.] 4:00​ – [Via di Ponte Quattro Capi] 4:28​ – [S.Bartolomeo all’Isola Square] 5:16​ – [View of Cestio Bridge] 5:46​ – [St.John Hospital on the right] 8:00​ – [Walking around the island] 15:41​ – [The roman marble shape of the Boat that famously was used to bring Asclepius’ statue to the island – it’s still visible the symbol of the snake around the ship mast] 17:37​ – [Southern bank of the island]

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