New Walking Tour Videos: London, Mayfair (2020)

Today we will walk through Mayfair, London in the rain. From Oxford Street to Berkeley Square, we will discover some beautiful parks and Mount Street where there are many historical buildings with luxury stores. Enjoy the view of London and the sound of autumn rain.

ROUTE MAP : Oxford Street 00:26 Balderton Street 02:51 Brown Hart Gardens 05:12 Duke Street 07:47 Grosvenor Square 10:21 South Audley Street 12:52 Mount Street 16:42 Carlos Place 20:27 Mount Street Gardens 23:51 South Audley Street 26:05 South Street 28:40 Farm Street 30:33 Hill Street 31:11 Berkeley Square

SIGHTS TIME STAMPS: (Please see the pinned comment for the associated times below) ● Selfridge Department ● The Beaumont Hotel (right) ● Brown Hart Gardens ● Ukrainian Church ● Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square (right) ● Grosvenor Square ● Roosevelt Statue ● Meditation 1554, 2019 by Seo Young-Deok ● 34 Mayfair Restaurant ● Richoux Restaurant ● James Purdey & Sons Gun Shop ● Crouching Figure No. 4 ● The Connaught Hotel ● Mount Street Gardens ● Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception ● Drinking Fountain by Ernest George, Grade II ● Mayfair Library ● Thomas Goode Chinaware Shop ● Blue Plaque: J. Arthur Rank, 1888-1972 Industrialist and Film Producer worked here ● Blue Plaque: Lord Ashfield,1874-1948, First Chairman of London Transport lived here ● The Punchbowl Restaurant ● Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception ● Coach & Horses Pub ● Berkeley Square

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