Top New Timelapse Videos: ‘September Lights Of Northern Norway’ (2020)

Filmed and Edited by; ADRIEN MAUDUIT

It is common belief that September is too early to view the Northern Lights within the Arctic circle. Truthfully, it is one of the best times to see them, especially if you don’t like the cold. September is my favorite month of the year for aurora, as you have a bit of both cold and warm worlds.

The still mild temperatures enable you to get the precious reflection of the auroral dance in the still water of lakes and fjords. All hikes are also very accessible as the snow hasn’t fallen in big and dangerous quantities yet. As a conclusion, you can literally enjoy the northern lights from anywhere. It opens up so many more opportunities than at the heart of the winter.

This year, we are just coming out of solar minimum. And it shows! The month of September alone has been extremely productive, with both coronal hole High Speed Streams and CMEs (stealthy). More precisely, the week of September 24th – October 1st has delivered insane nightly shows back to back!

I wanted to showcase these beautiful displays that I was able to capture in Northern Norway (Senja and Troms area), as the leaves were starting to turn into golden and orange hues. I will publish a more general ‘Fall-themed’ movie in the near future. Stay tuned!

All was shot with the Sony a7s, a7rII and 2 Canon 6D astromodified, a variety of bright lenses ranging from 14mm to 50mm. For motion control I used the Syrp 3-axis Genie I system and also the Vixen Polarie. All post production was made in Lr with the special timelapse plus plugin, Sequence for mac, TLDF, and final production was made in FCPX. I hope you like the movie as much as I liked shooting and processing it and I thank everyone of you for your support. All content is of course copyrighted Night Lights Films (except sountrack licensed through Epidemic Music, see credits for authors and titles), and no footage can be used in any way without the author’s permission. Please contact me for media and purchase inquiry. Please share and comment if you liked the video and follow me for more videos like this one! More at

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