New Video Walking Tours: Cefalù In Northern Sicily

WALKING IN CEFALU, SICILY: Cefalù is a coastal city in northern Sicily, Italy. It’s known for its Norman cathedral, a 12th-century fortress-like structure with elaborate Byzantine mosaics and soaring twin towers. Nearby, the Mandralisca Museum is home to archaeological exhibits and a picture gallery with a portrait by Antonello da Messina. The beaches of Mazzaforno and Settefrati lie to the west.

►Map of the Walk◄…

▼▼Video Timeline Links▼▼

0:00 Drone Intro & Map of the Walk 1:14 Beach Walk 5:31 Historic City Center Entrance 8:39 Medieval Wash-House 11:29 Porta Pescara 12:55 Tourist Pier 23:50 Street Walk 27:00 Scenic Viewpoint (Bastione di Capo Marchiafav) 31:00 Street Walk Toward Duomo 33:13 Piazza Duomo 38:00 Cathedral 43:37 Street Walk 50:03 Walk towards La Rocca Entrance 52:53 La Rocca Entrance 1:05:43 Scenic Viewpoint (Cross) 1:10:26 Scenic Viewpoint 1:23:00 Ruins of the Castle

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