Top New Travel Videos: “Portrait Of Antarctica”

Filmed and Edited by: Amberly Kramhoft & Florent Piovesan (Of Two Lands)

The white continent had been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, reading the adventures of Shackleton as a kid and wondering what being at the end of the world would feel like.

In March 2020 I got the opportunity to join my good friend and photographer Matt Horspool ( Etchd Photography) on a trip to Antarctica.

I went there to capture and document the whole journey for an expedition company through film and although the trip ended up quite different than what we originally set out to, we had an amazing week down there. 

I feel so lucky that I got to experience this so young and made my dream come true.
I will never forget the stunning landscapes, the misty mountains and the impressive icebergs.

Despite the whole ordeal surrounding our journey back from Antarctica I wanted to create a video showcasing only the breathtaking and pristine scenery we got to see as well as the incredible wildlife we encountered.

This is the footage that I managed to capture in-between my main assignment.

2020 has been a very strange year but for me being able to visit such a place made it quite special.
I hope to be back one day and set my eyes again on the white continent.

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