Top New Travel Videos: “Wonderful Piran” In Slovenia By Studio Kairos

Filmed and Edited by: Studio Kairos

Wonderful Piran is a short film, which invites you to explore this charming mediterranean town on Slovenian coast.

With its maze of narrow streets, a fascinating medieval town is set within a genuine Mediterranean environment. It’s architectural design was strongly influenced by the mighty Venice. The Piran salt pans, where the world-class salt is still produced today with traditional methods, were the reason why the town flourished. Where there was once a port, is today one of the most beautiful squares in Slovenia with monument of Giuseppe Tartini, the violin virtuoso and composer. On top of the hill is majestically located the baroque church of St. George with its 48.7 metre high tower bell upon which is set St. Michael’s statue, which is rotating with the wind and forecasts the weather. On southwest region of peninsula the town is guarded by medieval walls.

Music: Fruits of Life by Soulish


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