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Future Of Housing: Trim Studios 100-Sq. Foot Home Is “Hideaway Of Dreams”

From a Dwell.com online article:

Trim Studio 100 sq foot house kitchenFor Trim Studio, the design requirements were simple and straightforward: a living area, kitchen, wood-burning stove, bathroom, bedroom, patio, log storage, and an outdoor shower. The challenge, however, came with the square footage restrictions: the home could be no larger than 100 square feet, and no taller than 16 feet high.  

Trim Studio 100 sq foot house bedroomKris and Ali visited the site and, as Rodrigo Munguia, principal of Trim Studio, tells it, “immediately fell in love with the property.” Dubbing the site and house Ohana (meaning family in Hawaiian), the couple knew they wanted a cabin that spoke to the wooded area and took advantage of the property’s magnificent views. Particularly exciting for Munguia was the fact that they also wanted to have their wedding on the property, and planned to start their lives together at Ohana as a married couple.

To take advantage of the astounding views that extend beyond the Strait of Georgia to the cityscape of downtown Vancouver, Trim Studio oriented the home so that it faces northeast. Ohana, or Galiano 100, is outfitted with large, oversized windows and floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors so that the space feels larger than its 100-square-foot footprint.

To read more click on the following link: https://www.dwell.com/article/galiano-100-trim-studio-c1145e1a