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Morning News Podcast: Trump Signs Relief Bill, Nashville Bombing

Trump signs relief and government funding bill into law, Nashville bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner died in explosion, and what to do with your old Christmas tree.

Morning News Podcast: Trump & Biden Campaign, Relief Bill & Covid Stress

NPR News Now reports: President Trump and Joe Biden on the campaign trail, coronavirus relief aid bill stalemate, high levels of stress from Covid-19, and other top news.

Morning News Podcast: Supreme Court Hearings, Coronavirus Relief Bill

Supreme Court nominee hearings set up partisan battle ahead of election, White House seeks limited coronavirus relief bill, and Minnesota community comes together to build a disabled Navy vet a ramp.

Morning News Podcast: Tropical Storm Isaias, Stimulus Bill And Covid-19

NPR News NowNPR News Now this morning updates Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias, continuing talks on new stimulus bill in Washington DC, Covid-19 and other top news.