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Future Of Food: Atomo! Molecular Coffee Seeks To Engineer A Better Brew

From the Atomocoffee.com website:

Atomo Coffee websiteWe looked at green beans, roasted beans and extracted (brewed) coffee samples and through advanced analytical procedures studied the volatile and non-volatile compounds present. By evaluating the individual compounds in coffee we were able to map the most significant ones contributing to the characteristic aroma and flavor of coffee.

While researching coffee, the Atomo team came to understand there was an even bigger problem underlying their campaign for a better cup of coffee. The environmental toll from coffee farming due to rising temperatures caused by climate change was destroying the rain forest. Since the Kickstarter, Atomo has invested in technology and formulation, and has partnered with world-class food technologists and coffee scientists to build a consistently great cup of coffee that’s ALSO better for the environment.

Website: https://atomocoffee.com/