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Amalfi Coast Tour: A 16th-Century Saracen Tower

Set into a rock dropping sheer down to the sea, this ancient 16th-century Saracen Tower is located in Maiori, one of the most exclusive areas of the Amalfi Coast.

This is truly a unique object standing between sky and sea, in a panoramic, high position less than a kilometer from the town center of Maiori, protected by a majestic chain of mountains: from here the view sweeps from the mountains to the charming town below, to then get lost in the infinite blue of the sea, offering one of the most picturesque views of the entire Amalfi Coast.

Built as a watchtower to defend this stretch of coast from invasions by the Saracens and pirates, who in past times attacked it by sea, this property has helped preserve the wonders of the Amalfi Coast, of which it is a splendid example. Developed on the panoramic road from the coast to the sea, with exclusive access to a wonderful private platform with sun loungers, this estate is part of a natural setting of incomparable beauty, characterized by dense Mediterranean scrub.

A true maze of paths crosses the 6,500-sqm park, arranged in terraces, along which the various living areas are located, including the Belvedere, the Canonica and the Saracen Tower.