Research Preview: Nature Magazine – May 4, 2023

Volume 617 Issue 7959

nature Magazine – May 4, 2023 issue: As stars evolve, they expand and so will engulf planets in close orbit around them. This planetary catastrophe is expected to generate powerful luminous ejections of mass from the star, although this has not been observed directly.

Is the world ready for ChatGPT therapists?

The current landscape of mobile mental-health apps is the result of a 70-year search to automate therapy. Now, advanced AIs pose fresh ethical questions.

Cartoon of a mobile phone as a psychotherapist surrounded by several other mobile-phone patients
Illustration by Fabio Buonocore

Since 2015, Koko, a mobile mental-health app, has tried to provide crowdsourced support for people in need. Text the app to say that you’re feeling guilty about a work issue, and an empathetic response will come through in a few minutes — clumsy perhaps, but unmistakably human — to suggest some positive coping strategies.

Fish on dry land hint at why we blink

Close up of an Indian mudskipper (Periophthalmodon septemradiatus) blinking on land.
Mudskippers blink by retracting their eyes into the heads, helping them to moisten their corneas. Credit: Brett R. Aiello

Insights from mudskippers suggest that blinking is an adaptation to emerging from the sea.


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