Research Preview: Nature Magazine – April 13, 2023

Volume 616 Issue 7956

nature Magazine – April 13, 2023 issue: Octopuses use chemotactile receptors (CRs) in the suckers on their arms to ‘taste by touch’ as they explore their sea-floor environment. These proteins evolved from neurotransmitter receptors to allow octopuses to detect poorly soluble natural products on contact.

World’s biggest butterfly is low on genetic diversity

Ornithoptera alexandrae, Queen Alexandra's birdwing butterfly.
Rare beauty: the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing can have a wingspan of more than 28 centimetres. Credit: Alamy

An endangered butterfly, found only in Papua New Guinea, has had a small population for a million years.

Three ways to solve the plastics pollution crisis

Man walks through a canal which is blocked by piles of plastic waste and food waste dumped, Bangladesh, Dhaka.
A canal blocked by waste, including discarded plastic, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Credit: Ahmed Salahuddin/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Researchers are studying how more-sophisticated policies, smarter recycling and new materials could stem the tide of waste.


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