Coastal View: Oludeniz To Butterfly Valley, Turkey

A walk and boat tour in Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey. We begin on Ölüdeniz beach, site of the famous blue lagoon – so called because of its stunning blue waters and soft sands. You really have to watch out for the paragliders here, as they swoop down to land on the beach. Ölüdeniz is one of the world’s best places to go paragliding, with its breathtaking panoramic views and excellent wind conditions. Watch the paragliders launch from Babadağ Mountain, over 6500 feet above and ride the thermals. And nearby is the ghost town of Kayaköy. Completely abandoned in 1923, when the local Greek population were sent back to Greece, Kayaköy is home to hundreds of stone houses slowly falling into decay. In this video we take a boat to Butterfly Valley – a small community accessible only by boat. It’s a great place to swim, have a drink or learn more about this intriguing way of community living.


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