Design: 3 ‘Unbuilt’ Frank Lloyd Wright Projects Rendered By Designers

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most famous architects to ever live. He is known for the first American style of architecture called the Prairie style, the architectural masterpiece Falling Water, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and more. But despite his fame and the many followers he trained during his lifetime, more than half of his projects were never built. Out of 1,171 concepts, only 660 made it past the design phase. Angi and NeoMam Studios have selected three of these paper projects to bring to life.

“Wright’s plans are things of beauty, but it’s difficult to imagine what his unrealized sketches might have looked like in real life,’ says Angi. The new work helps make those sketches accessible to those not able to easily read or understand architectural drawings. The designers created a series of six images that feature one plan rendering and one perspective rendering of each project. The set describes not only what the buildings would have looked like, but also how they were organized.

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