News: Top 5 Stories For April 23, 2021 (Reuters)

Five stories to know for April 23: Biden hosts climate change summit, Senate passes bill to fight anti-Asian hate crimes, Daunte Wright funeral, Biden’s tax plan and India’s COVID surge.

1. The United States and other countries hiked their targets for slashing greenhouse gas emissions at a global climate change summit hosted by President Joe Biden, an event meant to resurrect U.S. leadership in the fight against global warming.

2. A hate crimes bill to combat violence against Asian Americans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic passed the Senate overwhelmingly, a rare bipartisan vote in the evenly divided chamber. The bill passed 94-1, with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley the only no vote. It must pass the House of Representatives, where Democrats hold a clear majority. President Joe Biden has called for passage.

3. Hundreds of mourners filled a Minneapolis church for the funeral of Daunte Wright.

4. Biden will roll out a plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, including the largest-ever increase in levies on investment gains, sources say.

5. A police convoy escorting a tanker carrying oxygen reached a hospital in India’s capital just in time, to the huge relief of doctors and relatives of COVID-19 patients counting on the supply. India reported the world’s highest daily tally of coronavirus infections for a second day on Friday, surpassing 330,000 new cases, as it struggles with a health system overwhelmed by patients and plagued by accidents.

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