Walking Tours: Lipari – Aeolian Islands, Italy

Lipari is the largest, busiest and most accessible of the Aeolian Islands. The main focus is Lipari Town, the archipelago’s principal transport hub and the nearest thing that islanders have to a capital city. A busy little port with a pretty, pastel-coloured seafront and plenty of accommodation, it makes the most convenient base for island-hopping.

Away from the town, Lipari reveals a rugged and typically Mediterranean landscape of low-lying macchia (dense Mediterranean shrubbery), silent, windswept highlands, precipitous cliffs and dreamy blue waters. The Museum of Lipari: The museum complex is situated upon the Neolithic rock of the “ Castello” of Lipari, a kind of a natural fortress, used by populations settled down on the island to defend themselves from attacks and invasions. The museum is the evidence of all the cultures and populations which have settled the territory.

It is possible to admire the Bronze Era huts, on the overlapped levels, and exactly four of them; some of the Greek-Roman buildings and the urban plant of the 2nd B.C. The museum of Lipari, one of the principal historical and cultural attractions of the island, is divided into six large areas, which are: the pre-historic section, the epigraphic section, the classic section, the section of the minor islands, the volcanologic section, and the paleontological section.

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