Front Page: The New York Times -Monday, May 8, 2023


After Mass Killings in Texas, Frustration but No Action on Guns

Volunteers erected a memorial outside the entrance to Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, a day after a gunman killed eight people and wounded seven others.

The drumbeat of mass murder has fueled a new openness to gun regulation among some Texans, but it has done little to reshape the political realities in the State Capitol.

Ukrainians Return Home, Renewed and Resigned

Passengers on a train from Lviv and Kyiv arrive in town of Pokrovsk in the eastern Donetsk region, last week.

More than 5.5 million people who left after the war began in February 2022 have gone back home — and not just to large cities like Kyiv or Dnipro, but to small places near the front line, as well.

The Dnipro River, Axis of Life and Death in Ukraine

The river has helped to define Ukraine’s history and culture, and remains vital to daily sustenance, even as it also serves as a front line in war — as it has countless times over thousands of years.

Twitter Criticized for Allowing Texas Shooting Images to Spread

Graphic images of the attack went viral on the platform, which has made cuts to its moderation team. Some users said the images exposed the realities of gun violence.

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