Front Page: The New York Times -Sunday, May 7, 2023


War, Weapons and Conspiracy Theories: Inside Airman Teixeira’s Online World


A review of more than 9,500 messages obtained by The New York Times offers important clues about the mind-set of a young airman implicated in a vast leak of government secrets.

At Least 9 Dead, Including Gunman, in Shooting at Texas Mall

Shoppers leave as police respond to a shooting in the Dallas area’s Allen Premium Outlet, after a shooting incident left multiple people injured in Allen, Texas.

A police officer on an unrelated assignment nearby rushed toward the sounds of gunfire and killed the gunman.

Charles Is Crowned King in Ancient Ceremony With Modern Twists

The coronation, the first since Queen Elizabeth II’s in 1953, was a royal spectacle of the kind that only Britain still stages.

‘Only Word for Them Is Heroes’: How 2 Students Rescued Dozens in Sudan

As feuding generals turned the Sudanese capital into a war zone, two university students navigated a battered Toyota through the chaos and saved at least 60 desperate people.

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