Preview: MIT Technology Review – May/June 2023

MIT Technology Review – May/June 2023: How AI is transforming the classroom. Surveilling students. Teaching the biliterate brain to read. What we’ve learned from “learning to code.” Plus keyboard obsessions, wildfire resilience, and shroom speak.

Teachers in Denmark are using apps to audit their students’ moods

surveillance on playground concept

Companies say the software can help improve well-being, but some experts worry it could have the opposite effect.

How AI is helping historians better understand our past


The historians of tomorrow are using computer science to analyze how people lived centuries ago.

It’s an evening in 1531, in the city of Venice. In a printer’s workshop, an apprentice labors over the layout of a page that’s destined for an astronomy textbook—a dense line of type and a woodblock illustration of a cherubic head observing shapes moving through the cosmos, representing a lunar eclipse. 


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