Front Page: The New York Times, Tuesday April 4, 2023


Trump Arrives in New York for an Arraignment That Will Make History

Mayor Adams told protesters that the city “is always ready” as Donald J. Trump returned to Trump Tower on the eve of becoming the first ex-president to be indicted.

Millions on Medicaid May Soon Lose Coverage as Pandemic Protections Expire

Kialah Marshall and a group of co-workers call 75 to 100 Medicaid recipients a day to warn them that their coverage could be in jeopardy.

A requirement that states keep people on Medicaid during the coronavirus pandemic has come to an end, and 15 million people could lose their coverage as a result.

NASA Names Diverse Astronaut Crew for Artemis II Moon Mission

The crew’s 10-day journey around the moon and back in 2024 is a crucial step toward returning Americans to the moon on a sustained basis.

Death and Justice on the Border: A Migrant Is Killed, a Rancher Is Charged

An unarmed Mexican man was shot as he crossed an Arizona ranch. The case against the ranch owner has prompted a backlash among supporters who say he is the real victim.


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