Lake Views: Sisikon In Central Switzerland (4K)

Sisikon, Switzerland, the gateway to Canton Uri, lies on the delta of the Riemenstalderbach stream on the eastern shore of the Urnersee, the southernmost arm of the Vierwaldstättersee. The village is dominated by characteristic pre-Alpine peaks: the Fronalpstock to the northeast and the Kaiserstock chain to the southwest, from there you can see incredible scenes of Switzerland.

The view to the opposite shore opens out to the glacier pyramids of the Urirotstock. Sisikon’s mild lakeside climate means that even figs and kiwis can grow here. Sisikon has several history-steeped spots: on the lake shore three kilometres south of the village is the Tell Chapel. At the place where William Tell is reputed to have saved himself by leaping from the boat of Gessler, the provincial governor.

The chapel, which is adorned with four frescoes by Basel artist Ernst Stückelberg, was built in 1879/80. Switzerland’s largest glockenspiel, which plays a melody every hour, has been located above the Tell Chapel since 2001. The Tell Chapel can be reached on foot or by boat. A short aerial cableway runs from the Tellsplatte up to the Axen.

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