Tours: São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal (4K)

The Azores Islands are a land of many wonders of the world. São Miguel island offers endless opportunities to be amazed at countless natural wonders, and is considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world. This walking tour explores quite a dramatic location: Farol do Arnel – Arnel Lighthouse.

At the end of an extremely steep narrow road, and suspended above the Atlantic Ocean, Arnel is São Miguel’s oldest lighthouse and was inaugurated on the 26th of November 1876. As we go down the steep route, stunning views over the strong Atlantic Ocean can be seen on either side of the road, until an unexpected and flabbergasting waterfall bursts from the high cliffs, right in front of our eyes, when we approach one of the many road’s curves.

This walking tour in Açores ends down at the bottom of the cliff and the waterfall, past the Farol do Arnel lighthouse, and quite close to the very strong big waves that were coming that day.

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