Swiss Villages: Foroglio – Waterfall In Ticino (4K)

FOROGLIO in Ticino is probably mostly known for the waterfall of the same name. The waterfall can be seen from all over the village. It is possible to reach, or at least get closer to, the waterfall from two sides, an easy path close to the foot of the fall and a more challenging hike from the opposite end of the village. The reward for the challenging route is a fantastic view over the valley and directly to the side of the waterfall. At a height of more than 100 meters, it splashes down the rocks causing a cooling mist of water. The stream from the Calnegia river then ends up in the Bavona river.

The village Foroglio, like most of the small villages in the Bavona Valley is without electricity, but it is still possible to have a delicious lunch in the Osteria Froda. The stone house village is very picturesque and complete tranquil, except at the most touristic periods.

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