Walks: The White Birch Forest & Shirakoma Pond in Nagano, Japan (4K Video)

The Yachiho Plateau extends to the eastern foot of Mt. Northern Yatsugatake. On this vast Yachiho Plateau, 500,000 birch forests are vegetated on a site of about 200 ha. The forest is called the best birch forest in the Orient. At the top of the Yachiho Plateau is Shirakoma Pond, the largest lake in Japan, where moss and native forest are mysterious. The pond has a circumference of 1.35 kilometers and is located in the highlands at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

Video timeline: 00:00 タイトル(Title) 00:18 八千穂高原自然園(Yachiho Kogen Nature Park) 09:09 白樺群生林(The White Birch Forest) 17:37 白駒池と苔の森(Shirakoma Pond and Moss Forest)

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